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Essentially Blessed

By Tim Hartigan MCM President 2009-2010

Pouring BronzeWe are blessed. We, you and I, work in the most fascinating of businesses. Who among us cannot say that they love it completely? I hope that you are like me and cannot wait to get out of bed in the morning, go back to the foundry and start at it again.

We are essential. We make things. They are useful things. Our society and civilization itself would cease to function without castings. The way we make these things is primal and poetic. It is scientific, complex, artistic and simple. Out of the elements we found essential objects. (Found, a verb, derives from the Latin fundere meaning to pour, melt or cast.)

MCM is essential. Take a look at the mission statement of MCM at the top of this page. Our job, that of this organization and each of its members, is to make sure that our social institutions and particularly people in government understand the crucial role of this industry. This is about more than our own self interest. That’s important, too. I like to eat. But, we serve ourselves best by making sure that all of the stakeholders in this industry realize that without us everything stops.


You cannot name a person in America that is not dependent from before birth on castings in direct and indirect ways. The hermit on the mountain, you say? I bet he has a cast iron skillet. He walks the road to town to buy flour. The road was made by machines built in Peoria. The wheat for the flour was grown on farms and ground in mills that have a casting dependency legacy that is broad and deep. Castings cultivate the crops, move the trucks, lift the sewage, generate the electricity, transport the oil, defend freedom, and support the playgrounds. We make things that pump, transport, hold, and dump. We even make things that make things.

You are essential. I urge you to become involved. What is that something which impassions you? Are you moved by excessive regulation? I am. Today in my mail I had an invoice for $800 for hazardous substances storage. The substance? The copper contained in bronze! No, really. I had another invoice for $1400 to restate the plan document for a pension plan that has been closed for 28 years. A third envelope from the Census Bureau says I’m invited to participate in a survey and my participation is required by Federal Law. That was today’s mail. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? That’s why I am involved. I am one small voice. Nobody hears me. But, we the members of this essential industry can, if we stick together, make a significant sound. We can be heard. If we are smart, we can make ourselves heard by people that can change the things that nibble away at our days, keeping us from our essential function.

I am impassioned by those ridiculous obstacles erected by ignorant people who sit in cubicles all day thinking up ways to hang weights on the arms of us, the essential ones. But I’m more passionate about founding essential objects. I am a very blessed man to do this essential thing that I love.

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