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Operations Management

Our vision is to be "Best in Class".


The four Ps of the operations mix are Protection, Perfection, Productivity and People.


Protection: “Safety First”

As you know, we need to protect our resources. People, human capital, are our most important resource. They need to be safe. they need to go home safe. They need to feel secure in their workplace. They need to know that their employer cares about them. If they are secure in the knowledge that we care about their wellbeing they will perform to their potential.


Perfection: “Quality is Job One”

Remember Crosby's "Quality is Free"? We can tell you this with certainty. Not having quality is really expensive. Remaking product, scrapping parts, admin costs, freight, corrective actions, disgruntled customers and damage to the brand. Defects are unacceptable. Defects are muda. Muda is not lean.


People: “People are our most important resource”

Talent is the key to success. We hire passionate, knowledgeable, driven people. These are people that grew up thinking it wold be cool to work in a foundry. We look for people that love getting up and going to work everyday.


Our workforce development plan includes:


-Hiring criteria. We want to hire the best talent we can find.


 -Development Plans. We are working with the MnDeed to develop a standards based training and acreditation program. Individuals will meet certain milestones and receive pay and promotions based on meeting criteria.


-Incentive programs. Pay is tied to performance. Performance correlates to corporate performance.


Productivity: “Productivity is Our Highest Priority”

Our productivity objectives are deep, broad and complex. It is based on lean concepts. It incorporates everything discussed above. Muda. Investment. Training. Flow. Value Stream Mapping. Kaizen. Energy consumption reduction. Elimination of landfilling.


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