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Oil and Gas Industry


We have significant experience with oil and gas equipment manufacturers.


We make large nickel aluminum bronze pump housings for deep sea oil extraction up to 870 lbs casting weight and 2400 lbs pour weight. Airset molds exceed 8000 lbs sand weight. Our castings operate in harsh, abrasive acid and alkaline environments that destroy steels and irons in two weeks. Aluminum bronze shows no signs of wear or corrosion after years of use. They pump liquids at 3000 psi. We have developed a special high pressure static mold design that creates flawless, totally porosity free castings that can withstand those pressures. These castings range in size from 275 lbs to 870 lbs. They are the difficult kind of castings that stump other foundries but are standard fare for us.


We also make thousands of parts for valve castings used in storage, transmission and extraction of oil and gas. Specified alloys include C83600, C83450, C95400, C95500, C90300, C92200 and others.

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