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St. Paul Foundry

 Simplifying the Supply Chain For High Knowledge Content Components
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Casting solutions for tough challenges. Processes and technology to ensure excellence in order fulfillment.


When you source castings, or any other commodity, you are looking for a partner that understands all of the intricacies of your needs. Your designs are unique. They may present particular challenges in the casting process. Your casting partner must be expert at solving the challenges. They must understand the end use of the component and its related assemblies.


But that is just one aspect of what will be a very complex business partnership that may last decades. Our oldest customers date back to the late 1800s. (Fortunately, they have updated their equipment designs.) What you want is a company that makes it easy to do business with them. You want a vendor that knows that their name should never come up in a meeting. Wouldn't it be nice if the VP of operations called a meeting to talk about the vendor that is quietly delivering perfect parts on time? Yeah, right. Meetings get called to solve problems. We understand that. We understand that our performance reflects on you. We're here with solutions. We would rather solve the problem by making sure it doesn't happen in the first place.


There are good problems and negative ones. The good problems mean engineering just came up with a killer design that's pushing your company to new heights. Now you need castings that you can count on. That's a good problem. The bad problems mean you've tried to find a supplier that understands what you want and they have not necessarily risen to the occasion. Good problems or "not so much", they all need solutions.


We have identified the key performance factors that, when taken as a whole, define the best-in-class foundry. They also happen to define us. What a coincidence.

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